Our OHDCC Ambassadors are a group of current outstanding students selected to represent the social-organizational psychology program to prospective students, their families, and our community.

The Ambassadors join us from a variety of backgrounds and offer insight into their experiences as S-OP students and answer any questions you have about classes, internships, life on campus or NYC in general.

Feel free to reach out to anyone listed below! In addition, be sure to check out the S-OP program HERE.

2019-2020 OHDCC Ambassadors


Jayne grew up in Connecticut and attended Colgate University where she majored in English and Psychology. After taking undergraduate courses in Organizational Psychology, Jayne became seriously interested in the field and after graduating, worked as a consultant for a boutique management consulting firm focused on sales effectiveness and training. From there, she transitioned to an internal role in the Learning & Organizational Effectiveness team at another mid-sized consulting firm. Through these experiences, she became increasingly passionate about how to be more effective in diagnosing and responding to organizational issues, and how to use analytics and data as part of this. These interests encouraged her to apply to TC!

Jayne enjoys reading of all kinds and is part of a book group. She also loves spending time with family and friends, hiking and being in nature, and exploring the great food in NYC.

Courses Taken: Jayne enrolled full time in Fall 2019 and is in the process of taking: Organizational Psychology, Understanding Behavioral Research, Group Dynamics and Probability & Statistical Inference.


Clara is in her third year as a part-time student in the Social-Organizational Psychology M.A. program, graduating (fingers crossed!) in May 2020. She also works as a sales consultant at the NeuroLeadership Institute, where she partners with Human Resources leaders in various industries to design change projects and learning initiatives.

Once Clara learned about the field of I/O Psychology, she knew it was the perfect fit. She had a circuitous path to the TC program, working in marketing, nonprofit grant management, and Ed-Tech, but finally found her way to the field. What’s in store for Clara’s future? Well, the S-OP program, and particularly its focus on systems thinking and group dynamics, has inspired Clara to pursue transformational work with teams and groups.
Clara was born and raised in Burlington, VT and has a special place in her heart for all things “Vermonty” (farm-to-table cuisine, Ben & Jerry’s, hiking, camping, etc.).

Courses Taken: Functions of Organizations; Organizational Psychology; Understanding Behavioral Research; Human Resource Management; Group Dynamics; Managing Conflicts in Organizations; Fundamentals of Conflict, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation; Probability and Statistical Inference; Evaluation Methods I; Executive Coaching; Small-Group Intervention; Data-Based Intervention; Practicum in Change and Consultation (in progress).


Ruoyuan grew up in China and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and music at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia. Through her research project on work effort and positive psychology, she got interested in organizational psychology, and this led her to Teachers College. During her first year, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Behavioral Research Lab under Columbia Business School. Currently, she is excited to apply her knowledge learned in the program to the client project at The Solution Lab.

In her free time, Ruoyuan enjoys going to concerts, operas, and museums. She is also an evening division piano student at The Juilliard School.

Course Taken: Core requirements for Social-Org program, Small Group Intervention, Practicum in Change & Consultation, Leverage EQ to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness, Strategic Talent Management.


Shai enjoys learning about how organizational design and culture impact employee retention and motivation, about the benefits of executive coaching and mindfulness, and about how Org Psych professionals can leverage data to “speak the language of the business.” He is interested in the startup and tech spaces, particularly in the platforms that are integrating behavioral and organizational psychology with machine learning towards improving employee happiness. Shai received his Bachelor of Arts in Military and Diplomatic History in 2013 from the University of Maryland and worked in Sales and Business Development before starting at TC.

As a native New Yorker, Shai would be happy to talk about the best restaurants, donuts, hikes, and museums in and outside of the city. Shai is also a voracious reader and enjoys sharing and discussing books and articles with those pursuing the Org Psych degree.

Courses Taken: In his first year at TC, Shai focused on completing the core requirements in Organizational Psychology; including Group Dynamics, HR Management and Understanding Behavioral Research. He also took classes in Executing Coaching, Statistics, and People Analytics.


Merete Chaplin is a Canadian native who has been living in New York City for the past 15 years. Before Teacher's College, Merete completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Communications at the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout her academic career, Merete worked in several clinical psychology settings including a sleep lab, a student motivation lab, and she held a position as a human resources assistant at the Bronx Zoo. Most recently, Merete worked as a research coordinator for Weill Cornell's Institute for Geriatric Psychiatry where she was responsible for gathering cognitive and affective measures with research participants along with the organizational demands of the institute. Apart from Merete's identity as a student, she enjoys outdoor activities, museums, plays, and her cat. Merete is excited about becoming a member of the OHDCC team and being part of a welcoming community for incoming TC students.

Courses taken: During Merete's first semester at TC, she took Organizational Psychology, Group Dynamics, Conflict Resolution, and Understanding Behavioral Research.


Jinni grew up in China and moved to the US for a BA degree at the University of Kansas in Psychology with a Business minor RCJK. She has been a world traveler since she did several internships in Australia, China, and the U.S. in different industries such as HR, Financing Advisor, and Investment banking. She is passionate about global HR practice and talent management, but still open for other options. That is one reason she is in this program! Jinni doesn't have plenty of full-time work experience, but she finds really helpful to just listening to others sharing their stories. In her spare time, she loves traveling, finding cute antique stores, and exploring NYC!

Courses Taken: In her first year at TC, Jinni focused on completing the programs’ core requirements in Organizational Psychology, Function of Organizations, HR Management and Understanding Behavioral Research.


Dilia was born in Venezuela and learned English in NYC at the age of six. She enjoys learning about group dynamics and how our cultural differences can influence the team. She is a Marine Corps veteran and has 10+ years of experience in HR with the Department of Defense. She obtained her BA in Psychology at Columbia University and currently is a full-time Program Manager for a small non-profit. Dilia values applying the theory learned in the classroom to her everyday work. Seeing theory in practice is the best part of the learning experience. When Dilia isn’t on campus, she enjoys exploring NYC with her husband and their 5-year-old daughter.

Courses Taken: Organizational Psychology, Understanding Behavioral Research, Career Counseling, Functions of Organizations, Human Resource Management, Managing Conflicts in Organizations and Military Psychology.


Jennifer is a second year, full-time student in the Social-Organizational Psychology program at Teachers College. She grew up in the Midwest but calls San Diego, CA home. She got her BS in Management Science from the University of California, San Diego and began her career at a boutique executive recruiting firm as an Analyst. Most recently, she interned with PepsiCo on their Talent Management and Analytics team and strives to continue her career in Talent Management. She is currently doing an HR Internship with Disney. Outside of TC, Jennifer is involved in The Cosmos, a community for Asian women in America and urban hikes with her mini Goldendoodle. 

Courses Taken: Human Resource Management, Understanding Behavioral Research, Managing Conflicts in Organizations, Organizational Psychology, Group Dynamics, Contemporary Issues Org Psych, Building 21st Century Capital w CQ, and Probability/Statistical Inference. This fall, she is enrolled in: Intro to Data Analysis in R, Strategic Talent Management, and Organizational Dynamics & Theory.


Marina grew up in New York and attended Middlebury College in Vermont. She studied Sociology and Anthropology and found a deep passion for understanding how humans interact with one another and society as a whole. After college, Marina took a unique path that led her to TC. She dabbled in inside sales, marketing, and events. She spent a few years living in a ski town in Colorado and then moved to Cambridge, MA where she helped two friends open a brewery. Throughout her time in these different jobs, locations, and experiences, she found herself deeply interested in how employees were motivated, engaged, and developing and how organizations and leaders were involved in the process. Marina is currently a Student Associate on the People Development team at Madison Square Garden.

Courses Taken: Org Psych; HRM; Functions of Organizations; UBR; Managing Conflicts; Contemporary Issues in Org Psych; Group Dynamics; Leadership & Supervision; People Analytics; Leveraging EQ (in progress); Staff Development & Training (in progress); Strategic Talent Management (in progress).


Jean is a 2nd-year, full-time student in the Social-Organizational Psychology program at Teachers College. Jean was born and raised in Taiwan. She obtained her BA in Political Science from National Taiwan University and BA in International Liberal Studies from Weseda University in Japan. Jean worked in internal change management and organizational development at a manufacturing company in Japan and in recruitment and external relations at an education NGO in Taiwan. Jean is currently working as a talent management intern at McKinsey & Company, Outside of TC, she enjoys exploring NYC and loves Broadway shows, music concert, and good food in NY. 

Courses Taken: Group Dynamics, HRM, Contemporary Issues in Organizations, Small Group Intervention, Strategic Talent Management, Leveraging EQ, People Analytics, Managing Conflict in Family Business.


Jac is a full-time first-year student in the Social-Organizational Psychology program at TC. She grew up in the New Jersey suburbs and has been living in Harlem since 2018. Jac completed her BS in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at Northeastern University and has a background in clinical and cognitive research. Upon discovering her interest in organizational development and talent management, she took an opportunity to recruit in the FinTech space for 1.5 years. Looking forward, Jac is interested in external consulting opportunities in change management and organizational design. Outside of school, Jac enjoys going to concerts, scoping out great new restaurants, and traveling (most recently to Portugal and New Orleans)!

Courses Taken: Jac is currently in her first semester and in the process of taking Organizational Psychology, Understanding Behavioral Research, Functions of Organizations, and Group Dynamics.