2018-2019 Leadership Team


Purva Chopra, President
Purva grew up living in different cities in India and spent all of her adult life studying and working in Singapore, before she moved to NYC to pursue her master’s at TC. She was a business student in undergrad, majoring in Organizational behavior and human resources as well as marketing. Starting out in the corporate world with a passion for learning and leadership in women, she worked internally and externally with organizations to implement leadership development and coaching programs, manage change during workplace transformation and help build more effective teams.
Classes and exposure at TC have helped Purva focus her interests and analysis on the organizational and group levels of the business and its alignment with the corporate strategy. An ardent feminist, she is always ready for a debate about women’s rights or to spend that energy on the dance floor!

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Kopal Manglik, Vice President
Kopal was born in New Delhi, India and brought up in Hong Kong and finally relocated to New York to pursue her Masters. She completed her undergraduate in Economics and Finance from HKUST and undertook host of internships ranging from marketing, finance, IT consulting within startups as well as multinational organizations.  She finally realized that her interest lay within understanding and developing people and worked in recruitment in Hong Kong and meanwhile decided to learn about psychology (Initially starting off using youtube videos!).
Since starting at TC, she realized that she has a passion for research, especially at the intersection of psychology and technology. Fun fact - she hates fun facts but always has one ready. “My dad used to be a captain of a cargo ship and I sailed with him before I started school and have docked at many different parts of Asia and Africa” 

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Gi Hong, Director of Communication
Gi was born and raised in Michigan and lived there up until moving to NYC to pursue her master’s degree at TC. As an undergrad at Michigan State University, she majored in Communication and Psychology. After working in the mental health field, Gi found a passion for learning and understanding human behavior in organizations. Exposure to TC and the organizational psychology community has peaked her interest in consulting, organization development, and group dynamics. Gi loves running, happy hours, and dogs.

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Richa Singh, Director of Professional Development
Richa is a second year student in the social organization psychology program and plans to specialize in change management and external consulting.  She is keen to explore the implications of the social organization psychology field within the International development domain.
With a MBA, in human resource management and about 8 years of experience as a HR Practitioner, she plans to make a transition from corporate to the nonprofit sector. She has recently completed her internship with United Nations development program and is exploring career avenues with other UN agencies.
She is ardently passionate about mainstreaming gender initiatives and engaging with organizations to facilitate the same. She plans to pursue Gender and International development course at SIPA and leverage her social psychology skills to build robust interventions which create larger social impact.
Her favorite pastime is reading biographies of strong women and updating herself on everything concerning gender & feminism.

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Tanisha JainDirector of Member Engagement
Tanisha grew up in a boarding school in India and has spent her adult life studying and working in various cities in India. Prior to her move to NYC, Tanisha was a Psychology and Sociology major in Undergrad. Starting out in the corporate world, she has varied experience ranging from business development, project management and has been a part of various client facing roles. She is now helping organizations design and manage effective processes that support change. She is passionate about enabling individuals to move from awareness to new actions and create transformational shifts when organizations face new challenges in the constantly evolving workplace environment.
Being a full time student at TC, Tanisha’s area of concentration is towards Organizational Change and Consultation. Being the Vice President of the Global Citizens Club, member of the student senate and her role as Director of Member Engagement at OHDCC helps her have varied perspective on navigation through TC. Being an avid traveller, you an expect Tanisha to be in a new place every break. 

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Ian RiosDirector of Alumni Affairs
Ian was born and raised in New York City and has spent most of his adult life between New York and Yokohama, Japan. Graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree in East Asian Economics and Politics, Ian shifted his interest towards working within Higher Education at Columbia University where he has been managing and cultivating communities and systems within the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering talent space. In the workspace, Ian has a penchant for bringing out the best people and has a valence towards creating opportunities for growth in the midst of static thinking.
Ian spent the first year of his masters as a part-time student (with a full time career in education) and is now transitioning to full-time student to graduate with the class of 2019 cohort and follow through on his passion for Systems Thinking. Throughout the Organizational Psychology Program, Ian has been most passionate about Consulting, Executive Coaching, and topics in the Diversity and Inclusion space. In his free time Ian can be found cooking, cycling, board gaming, and trying to find the next great NYC rooftop.

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Sarah Brazaitis, Ph.D.
OHDCC Faculty Advisor
Sarah has enjoyed serving as OHDCC’s faculty advisor for over a decade and has marveled at OHDCC’s transformation from a nascent group sponsoring a handful of offerings to a high performing team designing and implementing dozens of training workshops, professional panels, social gatherings, mentoring and networking events and an annual human capital case competition. Sarah’s favorite part of advising OHDCC is working closely with its leaders. They are unceasingly energetic, dedicated, creative, smart, thoughtful and also, fun. At home, Sarah is happiest spending time with her favorite team – Buddy, Javier, Mateo, and Grandma She She – whose two adolescent members regularly remind her of all the ways she needs to improve.