Our OHDCC Ambassadors are a group of current outstanding students selected to represent the social-organizational psychology program to prospective students, their families and our community.

The Ambassadors came from a variety of backgrounds and offer insight into their experience as a S-OP student and answer any questions you have about classes, internships, life on campus or NYC in general.

Feel free to reach out to anyone listed below! In addition, be sure to check out the S-OP program HERE.

2018-2019 Ambassadors (2019-2020 Ambassadors coming soon!)


Alex is passionate about employee engagement and is focused on supporting organizations with their design, culture and effectiveness. She is particularly interested in the impact of disruptive innovation on the energy sector and is currently interning in change management at National Grid. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 2012 from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, while also completing a semester abroad in Colima, Mexico. Prior to her adventures in New York, Alex lived in London and worked in communications and public relations.
Alex sits on the student advisory committee for the senate at TC and is an International Women in Leadership Fellow at International House.
An avid traveler, Alex has visited 27 countries (and counting!) and enjoys perpetuating the Canadian stereotype whenever possible by snowboarding, canoeing and adding maple syrup to everything she can.

Courses Taken: In her first year at TC, Alex focused on completing the programs’ core requirements in Organizational Psychology, Group Dynamics, HR Management and Understanding Behavioral Research. She is also obtaining her Certificate in Cooperation and Conflict Resolution from the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution and enjoyed working on a student consulting team as part of the advanced practicum in conflict resolution.



Ally is a Bay Area native and spent the last 7 years living in San Francisco before moving to NYC last August to start her master’s at TC. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Communication and History. Ally’s work experience has been centered in high-growth start -ups with her last 5 years being focused in recruiting and culture initiatives at a company in SF.
Through her courses at TC, Ally has gained a strong interest in manager development and staff training. She also has been a member of the Student Advisory Council during her time at TC. She is currently interning for a hyper-growth start-up here in NYC focusing on learning and development. When Ally isn’t in school or working, she is likely talking about California, Mexican food or Corgi puppies.

Courses Taken: The courses that Ally has completed so far at TC are Organizational Psychology, Group Dynamics, Functions of Organizations, Career Counseling, Practicum in Change & Consultation, Organizational Dynamics, Understanding Behavioral Research, Human Resources Management, Staff Development & Training, Building 21st Century Capability with CQ and Discussion as a Way of Teaching.



Nana grew up in Japan and the US and has been passionate about intercultural leadership development across geographies and regions. After earning her BA degree in Comparative Cultures and Anthropology, she has started her career in sales at a multinational consumer goods company to develop her business acumen, and then pursued her career as an executive recruiter across industries and regions at an executive search firm headquartered in Chicago.
She had joined the Organizational-Psychology Program at Teachers College as a full-time student in 2017 to further pursue her interest in leadership and organizational development. After joining TC, her interest has broadened into process consultation in organizations and teams, along with D&I initiatives. In her free time, Nana likes to travel, play tennis, and explore shows, jazz clubs and cafes in NY.

Courses Taken: Organizational Psychology, UBR, HR Management, Functions of Organizations, Managing Conflicts in Organizations, Group Dynamics, Small Group Interventions, Executive Coaching, and Discussion as a way of Teaching.



Yasu grew up in Piscataway, NJ and went to Swarthmore College in the Philadelphia area.  He majored in history and had never heard of social organizational psychology.  Inspired by an excellent junior year abroad in Venezuela and Ecuador, he taught English in Prague after graduation.  He then got a job in the Rutgers University library system and pursued a PhD in Latin American economic history. Realizing that PhD wasn’t for him; he was very interested in the prescriptive potential of economic history, which is not what true historians are interested in.  He needed a change of scenery and found a job in the Columbia University library system.  His new job was similar to his old job, but he found that he was much happier at Columbia.  This observation led him to wonder why, and he became interested in the effects of organizational structures, practices, and personnel on worker contentedness.  At Teachers College, he found a prestigious program where he could pursue his interests that also happened to be absurdly close to his work.

The nitty gritty: part-time student, full-time staff at Butler Library in the digital preservation department.  1 year and 4 classes completed: Organizational Psychology, Understanding Behavioral Research, Functions of Organizations, Human Resource Management.
Career goals: something utilizing his international experience and language skills, which include Spanish and bad Japanese that upsets my Japanese parents, and/or a job involving organizational change/development.  I am intrigued by the operation of professional sports teams, particularly in baseball.  The Mets are really bad now, so they may want my help.



Cici experienced working in consulting industry in all the biggest cities in China. Before she came to NYC for the graduate program at TC, she worked in Cambodia for one year, where she has learnt a lot due to the leadership, cross-cultural, and finance challenges.
Self-Development and positive impact on the world by leveraging people's potential are Cici'score values. She is especially interested in change management, people analytics, culture, leadership, group dynamics, coaching, and organizational design.
This summer Ciciis interning in a people analytics startup in California. She loves the company and the life there a lot, and always hangs out with a group of friends on weekends. She enjoys working hard and playing harder, and likes meeting new people and having deep conversations.

Courses Taken: Functions of Organizations, Group Dynamics, Human Resource Management, Leadership and Supervision, Leverage EQ to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness,  Managing Conflicts in Organizations, Organizational Psychology, Practicum in Change and Consultation in Organizations, Understanding Behavioral Research, Education Data Mining



Born and raised in the Southeast, Elizabeth developed an early passion for college football, swing dancing and homemade biscuits. She attended Vanderbilt University, where she majored in Economics and Psychology. Upon graduation, Elizabeth pursued a career as an investment banker at a boutique Wall Street bank. Through her corporate experience, she became increasingly interested in organizational psychology, and the disconnect between how people feel about their jobs and the potential for how people could feel about their jobs.
A true extrovert, she derives her energy from others and is happiest creatively problem-solving with teams or singing country karaoke.

Courses Taken: Thus far, Elizabeth has taken a broad array of classes at TC from Dr. Burke’s Leadership and Supervision to Dr. Coleman’s Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution. She is passionate about applying her learnings from the programs to unique fields, such as law and finance. As of now, she is happily confused about opportunities after TC.



Jean’s career started with a research role at Harvard Business School, where she managed projects on organizational issues to inform companies’ change initiatives, such as corporate diversity programs. After two years at HBS, she transitioned into human capital consulting by working with Mercer in support of organization transformation projects.
Currently, she is working with the Organizational Effectiveness team at Slalom Consulting. At Slalom, she is supporting her client with adoption of a data analytics platform, through change management and training initiatives.
Jean enjoys reading a good fictional novel and journaling in her free time. She also loves wining, dining and cooking with friends. She is excited to be joining the awesome OHDCC team!

Courses Taken: In Fall 2017, Jean enrolled in the Org Psych M.A. program at TC to pursue her interests in change management and strategic talent management. During her first year, she took multiple classes aligned with her career interests, such as Data-Based Interventions, and joined Dr. Caryn Block’s research workgroup to continue her research on workplace Diversity & Inclusion.



Ruqayais an architect by way of the University of Khartoum in Sudan. Having lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE for most of her life, she has always been fascinated by the art of creation and design of both physical and social spaces. As an architect, she worked on various projects and dealt with professionals from assorted disciplines and backgrounds. Her desire to challenge herself through new experiences led her to make a career shift into the world of organizational psychology. This program has allowed her to expand her worldview and reframe her understanding of design.
Ruqaya persistently challenges norms and finds ways to incorporate her design background in her everyday life. After taking several classes at TC, she found the coaching focus to be the most rewarding for her interests. Whenever she gets the chance, she enjoys travelling and exploring new places.


Rhea enrolled in the Social Org program at TC after having already completed a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Mumbai, India. In her first semester at TC, she took up classes that focused on topics related to corporate strategy (Strategic Talent Management, Contemporary issues in Organizational Psych), conflict and cross-cultural issues (Intercultural Communications, Managing Conflict in Organizations, Group Dynamics) and leadership (Leadership and Supervision), fields she wishes to explore as a potential career choice.
Apart from being a student at TC, Rhea also worked as a full-time intern for a duration of 6 months at the United Nations. Working with the Examination and Tests section at the UN, she was in charge of creating, reviewing and editing test items for substantive knowledge, situational judgment and general mental ability tests.
Rhea currently works as an Organizational Development intern at Visiting Nurse Service New York where she assists the company’s various change management initiatives and also helps develop and execute many Corporate Team-Building workshops.
Rhea hopes to make the Org Psych community feel like a welcoming place where generosity (in the classroom, when networking, in the halls and in the cafeterias and dining halls) is a salient characteristic of our shared program for years to come.



Jenna grew up in Northern California and has been living in NYC (mostly Brooklyn) for 11 years. Before Teachers College, Jenna worked as a professional development coach in the NYC public schools through a nonprofit that uses theatre-inspired tools and skills to teach social-emotional learning to students, faculty, staff and parents. She majored in theatre in undergrad and had a brief career as a performer before moving into the worlds of teaching and production, which also led to a parallel freelance career stage managing and producing for events ranging from corporate conferences to underground Brooklyn warehouse parties.
Jenna still loves teaching and intends to use what she has learned at TC to help her thrive in the Talent Development field. People are only as creative and productive as their workplace culture allows them to be, so Jenna’s passion is to encourage and nurture the human side of work. Concurrently with her MA, Jenna is working toward the Advanced Certificate in Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, where she has gotten to design conflict management systems, practice difficult conversations such as mediations and negotiations, and understand how conflict happens on both an interpersonal as well as a more societal, systemic scale. Ask her about the Conflict Resolution classes or for recommendations on what to do in Brooklyn!



Morissa is a second year masters candidate looking to eventually work in OD and HR.
She enjoy concerts, traveling, and trying new things on the weekends. Morissais looking forward to meeting all the new members this fall! 🙂